Our history

Before starting with the company and for 15 years, I learned in depth the processes of academic management in a medium-sized university, at the level of an academic area, an academic program, a faculty and a university, related processes with its substantive functions of: teaching, research and social projection.

I understood that the management of a program, an area of ​​research or of social projection or extension, is not necessarily an area of ​​interest and knowledge for the person who directs it; Therefore, any effort that is made to systematize and automate these management processes, with an adequate management and integration of the data that emerges from them, would facilitate their management through the making of informed decisions.


It is clear that a process of generation of information requires from the harvest and organization of the data, the structuring and storage of them, the generation of graphs, reports, dashboards, making predictions using techniques such as data mining , as well as the training of managers in the interpretation of the information and its use for improvement in their management processes.


This company is currently able to facilitate the entire cycle described above, through consulting, implementation and software development.

In my  experience, as a teacher, and the mangement of teachers, I know that the issue of educational planning and academic evaluation, is that is done more by intuition and "because it has always been done well", Therefore, any effort that is made to  systematized and automated the decision making process, 


One of my functions as the academic director of the University in which I worked, had to do with the creation of undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs based on quality standards and the accreditation of their quality. This is a process of educational planning that systematized and automated greatly facilitates its implementation. We are able to facilitate these processes of educational planning and quality, through consulting, implementation and software development.

Mónica Castilla Luna

Gerente y Fundadora

Analítica Académica S.A.S.

Analítica Académica SAS


CEL: +57 3134393100

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