We are a Consulting and Software Development Company that exists to facilitate the processes of academic management in Higher Education Institutions, through:

  • The development and implementation of techniques for the analysis of information that facilitate decision-making, day-to-day management and strategic management of organizations dedicated to higher education.


  • Dacilitate the integration and quality of data (current, and historical, summarized, in constant evolution), in academic matters, such as students, teachers, academic processes, research and social projection, turning them into information and knowledge for the organization. 


  • Facilitate the generation of periodic and systematic information on the academic aspects that occur both inside and outside the Higher Education Institution and the attainment of skills in managers for the interpretation and management of information, enabling the development of an innovative  and efficient organizational structure.


  • Software development (LMS) for educational planning and academic evaluation in higher education.


  • Development of software that will facilitate the processes of assurance of the educational quality and the accreditation of programs and institutions of higher education.


We will be an organization that constantly reinvents itself, to facilitate management processes in Higher Education Institutions, turning the complex into simple, adapting global trends and regulations that in higher education issues are issued, in such a way that we facilitate your implementation without complications in HEIs.


We will change from structure and integrate data to generate information, to manage big data, with structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from various sources, which generate information for decision-making in academic organizations at the top level. In five years, we will be recognized as a consultant and software development company, who will be a partner  of the processes of academic management in higher education intitutions nationally and internationally

Analítica Académica SAS


CEL: +57 3134393100

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